In Germany, warning strikes in the public sector to disrupt the air transport

In Germany also, travelers will experience strong perturbations due to strike. Currently in negotiation with municipalities and the federal State for increased salaries in the public service, the trade union Verdi has extended the strike a warning to the security services on the ground and firefighters-in several German airports, regulated by public service collective agreements. As a result, Tuesday, April 10, the airline Lufthansa announced the cancellation of more than 800 flights, or about half of those scheduled for that day. The airports of Munich, Cologne and Bremen are affected by the movement and 90,000 passengers must give up their journey. Strikes have also been planned in the public transport, kindergartens, garbage collection, and hospitals in several cities and regions, including Berlin, Bavaria and the Rhineland-North rhine-Westphalia.

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  • Why this movement ?

Verdi’s fight to get major increases for employees of the public service, civil servants and contractors. It is 2.3 million people, employed by the German municipalities and the federal State. Verdi claims 6 to 11.4 % increase, according to the rate groups. It surfs on the recent victory of IG Metall, the powerful German trade union of the metallurgy, which has pulled out the beginning of February an agreement unprecedented on the right, the week of 28 hours – for a limited time – and a wage increase of 4.3 %, after having initially required 6 %.

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