In France, women executives are still far away from equal pay

This is already a month that the women, in France, would work ” for free “. Since the November 3, at 11 h 44 minutes and 9 seconds very exactly. This is the conclusion reached by the feminist collective of The post-war boom, based on the latest Eurostat data.

According to the european organization, the hourly rate for French women is lower than 15.8 % in men (figures 2015). And calculate The Glorious, the women must work to 39.7 days more than their male colleagues to earn as much.

Despite two laws and a decree passed in eleven years, the issue of income inequality remains a hot topic. And sometimes disconcerting. A study, published Wednesday, 29 November, by the Association for the employment of executives (APEC) has just, once again, to illustrate it. It focuses on the sector of human resources, a very feminized, because 80% of executive positions are held by women.

According to APEC, the men’s frames, all sectors combined, have earned 12 % more than their female counterparts in 2016

However, the differential compensation is evident : in relation to the median wage (half earn more, the other less), men, affecting 15 % more, on average, in the administration functions. And even more than 20 percent of executive positions, although these are held at 65 % by women. “This goes against the received ideas : in spite of a feminization rate is high, the wage gaps are to the detriment of women,” sums up Pierre Lamblin, director of the department of studies and research of APEC.

The survey points out that this gap increases with age, since it reached its peak in the second part of career. In the general debate on pay equity, the observation is not new. “But it is good to strengthen the nail from time to time, as the inequalities are reduced slightly with time,” says Mr. Lamblin.


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