In France, the manufacturing industry is far from being bailed out

The plant Ascoval of Saint-Saulve (Nord) in the deadlock. The manufactures Nestlé ice cream Beauvais doomed to a quick close for its new owner Froneri, with the elimination of 317 positions. Great site Ford Blanquefort (Gironde) threatened him also. Not to mention the factory of gas meters Itron of Reims, in the process of being relocated in Poland…

France is in the process of plunging into an industrial crisis, as in 2009, when the collapse of the economy had caused a spectacular wave of factory closures ? Not really. But, after a strong rebound in 2017, the industry blue-white-red is experiencing a new phase more delicate. She no longer enjoys the same winds, and is facing a lack of competitiveness is always an issue. “Since the beginning of 2018, the cost-competitiveness of the industry is deteriorating again “, will alarm even the chief economist of Natixis, Patrick Artus, in a note published Monday, October 22.

For the time being, the number of sites that are created remains slightly higher than that of those who disappear, according to the firm Trendeo. Similarly, the industrial production continues to grow, even if it is at a tempo slowed since march, the increase is limited to 1.5 % annual rate, when it exceeded 4 % between may 2017 and February 2018.

However, two signs show that the manufacturing industry, which still has 2.8 million employees, is not out of the woods. The most obvious is the employment figures. In 2017, the sector had created jobs for the first time since 2000. Not a lot (just 5,400 jobs, according to the Insee), but enough to mark a halt to a long decline. However, since the pendulum is started in the opposite direction, and the industry has lost 2,600 jobs in six months.

The French external trade remains dire

Second signal : the French factories did not manage to gain back market share….

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