In france, the highest accommodation number of places in the EU

In the European Union, France, the highest in the accommodation, number of places – find out the European Union’s statistical office, Eurostat 2016 relevant data.

Last year in France, a total of approximately 5.1 million commercial property was ranked second in Italy for more than 4.9 million in Spain, 3.5 million in Germany 3.3 million, the Netherlands $ 1.3 million in Greece, $ 1.2 million (estimate), in Austria, and $ 1.0 million of registered property was in 2016.

Hungary-25 ranking of the 12. in, 446 thousand 400 property.

In the ranking of the other end of Liechtenstein (2 434), Malta (43 379) and Iceland (43 623) standing on the property are based on the number of.

Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom did not report data to Eurostat, however, two non-EU states, Norway and Switzerland, data was published.

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