In California, the robot will invite you to the restaurant

Robin is not a barista like the others, but it is perhaps ” the ” barista of the future. Installed since the end of January in the financial district of San Francisco (California), this little mechanical arm that can rotate on six axes prepares for the drinks ordered by her clients. This world first, according to its designer, the californian start-up Cafe X, illustrates the process of automation that is beginning to win the cafés and restaurants.

“The preparation of food rests largely on the repetition of physical tasks that can be automated,” emphasizes Michael Chui, partner at the McKinsey Global Institute. According to this research organization, 54 percent of the actions carried out in the catering and hotel industry can potentially be carried out by a robot. “This does not mean that they will be because it is still necessary that the automation makes economically sense,” hue M. Chui.

In Cafe X, the whole process is already taken care of by the technology. The orders are carried out from a mobile application or the tablet is on-site. Robin then goes into action. He grabs a cup, placing it under a coffee machine professional, and then recovers it and stir it slightly. Less than a minute later, the customer receives an alert on his smartphone with a code allowing him to retrieve his drink. As a thank you, the robot then sends a little wave of the hand.

The artificial intelligence in the service of the burger

A single employee is present on-site to answer questions, provide advice and ensure the smooth operation of the Robin. The coffees are sold between 3 and 4 dollars (between 2,40 and 3.25 euros), which is a little cheaper than at Starbucks or Blue Bottle Coffee, a chain of the region acquired by 2017 by Nestlé. According to coffee lovers met on the spot, the quality is the rendezvous. On the rating website Yelp, Cafe…

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