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In pursuance of the provisions of the european Regulation n°2273/2003 of 22 December 2003, and articles 241-1 and following of the general Regulations of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers and articles 225-209 and following of the commercial Code, the present description is to outline the objectives and the terms of the repurchase program by IMMOBILIERE DASSAULT of its own shares, a program that has been authorized by the Mixed General Meeting (agm) of 10 may 2017.

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The main characteristics of this share buyback program are set out below :

The relevant securities

The shares issued by IMMOBILIERE DASSAULT listed on the Euronext Paris market (code ISIN : FR0000033243).

Goals of the buyback program

1°) ensure the animation on the security’s market through an investment services provider through a liquidity agreement that complies with the ethics charter of the AFEI recognised by the financial markets Authority ;

2°) ensure coverage of securities giving right to the allocation of shares of the company within the framework of the legislation in force ;

3°) cancel shares.

Maximum proportion of capital

Purchases of shares of the Company will be able to carry on a number of shares of the Company within the limit of 10% of the number of shares comprising the current share capital, or 626 751 shares subject number of shares already held by the Company in the framework of its liquidity contract.

Maximum purchase price

The maximum price of the buyback is set at an amount that may not exceed the greater of the following values : price of the last independent operation or independent bid current highest on the trading platform where the purchase is made and, in any event, shall be less than or equal to 50 €. In the case of operation on the capital, notably division or regrouping of shares or free allocation of shares, the amount above will be adjusted in the same proportions (multiplier coefficient equal to the ratio between the number of shares comprising the capital before the operation and the number of shares after the operation).

The maximum amount of the transaction is thus set at 25 000 000 €.

Terms and conditions of redemption

These purchases of shares may be made by any means, including by acquisition of blocks of securities, and at such times as the executive Board deems appropriate, including during a public offering period within the limit of stock market regulations. However, the Company does not intend to use derivatives.

Duration of the buyback program

18 months from may 10, 2017, at the latest until November 9, 2018.

The management Board will inform shareholders in its management report acquisitions and disposals carried out in application of this authorization.

Next release :

Results of the 1st half 2017,14 September 2017


IMMOBILIERE DASSAULT is a real estate company specializing in the ownership and management of office property assets and to high-quality retail, primarily located in Paris. December 31, 2016, the heritage was made up of 6 assets for a total value amounting to 439 Million euros (excluding duties). IMMOBILIERE DASSAULT is a privileged vehicle of access to the real estate market of offices and shops of high quality, and has opted for the regime of sociétés d’investissements immobiliers cotées (SIIC) in 2006.

Compartment B of the Euronext Paris

ISIN : FR0000033243

Reuters : IMDA.PA – Bloomberg : IMDA FP

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