I barely had movement in the forint market

Just pennies moved with the forint, as of Tuesday morning on the interbank foreign exchange market.

The eur 7 o’clock 303,27 huf was quoted on the Monday night 303,31 against huf. The dollar exchange rate of 256,64 from huf 256,85 to huf crept up, the swiss franc, and last night course at 266,56 huf, and revolved.

The Hungarian forint market on Tuesday, the MNB Monetary Council’s interest rate decisions and the meeting’s communication move. There are opinions that the national bank is too strong to keep the huf, and do not want 300 huf near to see the Hungarian currency exchange rate.

The euro slightly weakened against the dollar, the european currency 1,1805 huf was quoted on the Monday night 1,1812 the dollar.

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