Hunting Parties and solicitation of banking in menu trial UBS

The world bank does not gift. “If you do not take care of your wholesale customers regularly, you are going to be the sting, especially if the market is in a bad mood,” warns Patrick de Fayet. And then we should not forget the constant pressure that is the improvement of the ” ROA ” – “forgive me, the return on investment,” says the former number two of UBS France, Wednesday, October 17, in the face of the court. Or the ” share of wallet “, literally ” wallet share “, the strategy aimed to encourage customers to place an increasing proportion of their money in the bank. “As long as you don’t reach 100 %, your head puts you in the sword in the kidney to increase the share. “

To speak of its former activity before the tribunal correctional of Paris, the neo-retired, 63 years old, hair strawberry blonde, carefully coiffed, toying with anglicisms, images, and acronyms. It even tries focus switzerland, when he recalls the instructions of the parent company, UBS AG. His speech was expected, after the first week of the hearing during which defense lawyers have tried, in vain, to obtain a deferral of the trial of the swiss bank and its former high-ranking officials, deemed to have established an extensive system of tax evasion, which they deny.

As Hervé d’halluin, a former director of the agency lille UBS, heard Monday, Mr. Fayet has been cautious. The two former executives of the French subsidiary of the swiss bank are especially prosecuted for aiding and abetting the selling bank illegal, from 2004 to 2009. They would have helped of responsible business in switzerland to encourage French clients to put their money in Switzerland. In any illegality, UBS AG does not have a banking license to solicit in France.

Need for them to ” take care of the big customers

At the bar, the two ex-employees have weighed the lesser term. Because if there are…

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