How to get a refund of one-half of his Navigo pass by SNCF

Good news for the users of the SNCF in the Ile-de-France. Valérie Pécresse, president of the region and of the Île-de-France Mobility, has made an announcement of size this Wednesday, may 23, at the microphone of RTL. “The SNCF will refund 50% of the Navigo pass to all subscribers SNCF for the month of April and may.” The carte Imagine R, which is intended for young people, will be the subject of a refund.

What is the thing to do for a refund ? It will be necessary to get to and from mid-June on the site put in place by SNCF. However, among the four million subscribers to the network in the Île-de-France (SNCF and RATP), only the users that use the SNCF lines in the region are affected by this refund. In addition, the cost of this measure will be supported entirely by the SNCF. For the moment, the latter is not known how much the reimbursement of all the users concerned will cost him.

In addition, as stated in the Île-de-France Mobility: ‘For rows that have been affected, with no trains and no alternative, in particular in Seine-et-Marne, it was agreed, in principle, a complementary gesture, the modalities of which remain to be defined.” Remains to be seen whether this will be enough to stop the grumbling of users.

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