“How the giants of the Net have won the battle of the self “

Losses & Profits. The battle was fierce, the outcome of which is uncertain. A long time car manufacturers have made fun of the efforts of these olibrius of Silicon Valley, to invite them to board their cars. They gazed with an air of bantering the pot of yogurt unsightly and awkward called Google Car. Then, they counter-attacked, launching himself into the autonomous car, purchasing software for mapping and navigation, nodding lip service to a few hoc agreements.

Until Tuesday, 18 September, where we understand, finally, that the mass was said. By signing a broad technology agreement with Google, the world’s leading manufacturer of automobiles, the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, entrusts the keys of its vehicles to the most famous actor of the Internet.

Of course, it is not to touch the engine, the steering wheel and the passenger compartment, but “just” to give access to a large part of his brain. From 2021, the 10 million vehicles for the three brands will integrate by default the Android operating system allows you to directly access the mapping, to the videos of YouTube, the voice command and the app store which should quickly fill out of software intended to make the trip ever more pleasant and easy.

In short, everything that may represent a good part of the value of a car in the future. And, in particular, the infinite quantities of data produced by the drivers themselves and all the onboard cameras. As if our whole life was filmed continuously and archived somewhere in the cloud of cyberspace.

The weapon unstoppable free

He could not, ultimately, be otherwise. The famous Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) have three weapons of mass destruction to wipe out the economic models to be the most solid. The first is the smartphone. Always smarter, bigger and faster, it is…

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