How Nasa wants to break down the wall of sound without any noise

The us space agency has signed a contract to 247,5 million dollars with Lockheed Martin to design, build and test the new device, which could launch in 2021, said the space agency. If everything goes as planned, the aircraft should be the “sound of a car door that closes” –about 75 decibels of noise level perceived– by flying at 55.000 feet (about 16.800 meters) at the speed of 1.560 km/h, she added.

On a video from Nasa, the plane has the shape of a pen, very fine on the nose elongated, with wings of the duck in front of the cockpit that does not exceed the rest of the fuselage and two delta wings at an angle is very acute.

Imagine this: traveling safely at the speed of sound, getting to your destination faster & flying with significantly less noise. Our @NASAAero innovators are creating an experimental aircraft that could make supersonic flight over land possible. Learn more

— NASA (@NASA) April 3, 2018

As of 2022, the agency expects to fly its new X-plane above a number of u.s. cities to collect data and especially to hear the opinions of the inhabitants. Aviation supersonic business, who has lived a few decades and for a small elite among the passengers, came to an end with the last flight of the Concorde, a franco-british in 2003.

“Open a new market for american companies”

A plane that can fly relatively silently at supersonic speeds could revolutionize the air transport of passengers and cargo to fly over inhabited areas. The budget signed by the president, Donald Trump is to ensure the financing of the project and could open a new market to american companies to build commercial planes faster, create jobs and divide by two the duration of the crossing” of the United States from one coast to the other.”

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