Holiday connected : a “voluntary servitude” ?

Question of social right. To achieve the 7 August 1935 its goal of 100 tons of coal instead of the 7 tonnes, regulatory, Andrei Stakhanov would not have been able to complete its task elsewhere than at the mine, in application of a law not contained in any other code : that of gravity, which is physically impossible in a manual worker to take the evening with him machines and raw materials ” to finish it all at home “. And if he wants to rest, he orders his arms to rest. But what good is it for our neurons today assisted by portable ?

The “holidays” that are emerging are a precipitate of the radical questioning of our right to work, was designed based on the physical model of automotive plants with their unit of time (the siren of the morning and evening) ? to place (a plant with its high walls) and action (the string). Certainly, on this ground, the fate of the sales assistants, cashiers, and other employees of logistics centres is not very far removed from that of the metal of yesterday.

The labor law should, as for teleworking, to promote a collective regulation, adapted to each company

But for a knowledge worker, the rest forced its neurons is impossible : these last are only in their head, and the heavy folder can invite in his brain, spoiling a nice evening between friends.

Disconnection of the intellectual, it is much more than the right to disconnect technique recognised by the law of 8 August 2016 ; and the remote work may intervene disconnected. If, in addition, when an idea we work with, our “portable” professional ” has been taken away, at the hour of the siesta it is just the office who arrives on the beach or in the refuge.

The fear of dismissal

Companies can, of course, block access to the servers, add items to the rules to prohibit any connection to the time of rest and vacation : this will be of service to management…

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