Hives connected to : the module B-Keep of Hostabee available for all beekeepers

After several pilot projects, Hostabee markets officially its module B-Keep with the production of the first thousand copies, of which 500 have already been sold on pre-order

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Saint-Quentin, may 10, 2017 – The startup French Hostabee, a forerunner on the market of hives connected, announced today the commercialization of its module B-Keep, which allows beekeepers to remotely monitor the state of health of their bee colonies, and thus reduce the rate of death in their colonies while avoiding the visits are unjustified. B-Keep is marketed at a price of€ 80, with a sliding scale tariff according to the volume.

After fifty pilot projects deployed since the beginning of the beekeeping season last, including on the roofs of the Paris Opera in partnership with the landscape Mugo, or even in the hives of the operator Orange, Hostabee going now at top speed with the marketing of the first 1000 modules B-Keep. Among these, 500 units have already been reserved by pre-order and are on the verge of being shipped to metropolitan France, but also at the Meeting, in Luxembourg, in Portugal, in Noumea and the United States.

“The drivers we have installed for nearly a year, have enabled us to ensure the potential of our hives project connected to it, and to measure the added value that B-Keep can bring to the beekeepers,” says Maxime Mularz, founder of Hostabee. “Our solution has been well received, and we are delighted to be able to offer it now to the world of beekeeping “.

How does it work ?
Equipped with sensors, B-Keep measuring the temperature and humidity within the hive. The data collected, combined with data real-time weather and forecasts are stored, analyzed and sent in the form of alerts to the beekeeper, who can then view the status of their hives on the application platform associated with the module. One device integrated gps allows them also to fight against the theft of their hives.

Universal, B-Keep adapts to all types of hives, whatever their shape and size. It works via radio waves, completely harmless to the bees, and thanks to batteries that provide an autonomy of 2 years. The installation is extremely fast since the module just fits between two frames of the hive.

The enthusiasm already generated by the solution of Hostabee in France and abroad, encourages the start-up to speed up and to multiply the application projects aimed at protecting bees. As the partnership it has forged with the cooperative agricole Cerena, the trade Union of the Farmers of the Aisne and Poll’Aisne Attitude, intended to use the modules B-Keep to analyse the behaviour of pollinators, and indicate to farmers whether or not they can treat their fields without endangering the bees.

In parallel to the marketing, Hostabee continues to advance and is working already on a solution Artificial Intelligence that can integrate other factors and analyze the data to prevent, for example, some diseases or parasites.

About Hostabee
Established in April 2015 in Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne, the startup Hostabee has developed a solution designed for both professional beekeepers, enthusiasts, based on its expertise in hives and bees. Hostabee has developed a module connected and a web application that allow beekeepers to follow the life cycle of the bee colony, in a constantly changing environment. Thanks to Hostabee, beekeepers can optimize their work by avoiding the visits of unwarranted and increasing the effectiveness of their interventions, but especially to decrease the mortality rate of the bees.
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