Hearing XXL for the “Goodyear” Amiens

They came by the bunches in the early morning on the parking lot of Mégacité, room for large events, which is adjacent the Zenith of Amiens (Somme). Hands in jean pockets, arms crossed on the fleece, the face closed, but brightening as soon as they recognized an old buddy. The first question is always the same : “You’re where, you got the job ? “For four years now, that these men and women, former employees of the site of Goodyear’s Amiens-Nord, cross over to the factory. “It is a lack of time, sliding one of them. No job, you no longer have a social life you know. “It is to challenge their dismissal on economic grounds that they believe it without actual cause or serious, they are found on Thursday, October 4 before the tribunal des prud’hommes.

Of 1 143 employees terminated by Goodyear in 2014, 832 are engaged in this process on an unprecedented scale, requiring to move the hearing outside of the walls of the court. In 2011, the trial in the prud’hommes, 500 ex-employees of the tire manufacturer Continental Clairoix (Oise) had already been held in a former skating rink, one of the 560 employees of the furniture manufacturer Capdevielle in a local municipal of Mont-de-Marsan (Landes).

Nearly 500 employees have taken place in the congress hall transformed into a court room, the four councilors labor processes facing, on scene, to the lawyers of the employees and the company. “We expect that the truth emerges !, summarizes Jonathan Semedo, 39 years. It is acknowledged that a box that was profit we collect as messy ! ”

The factory in Amiens-Nord lacked the investment

Each camp will argue four hours : a debate technique where each will apply to demonstrate that it is the other who ” blurs cards “, ” distorts the reality “. At the center, a question : the economic situation of the group in Goodyear in 2014 justified it to dismiss 1 143…

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