Health care in focus during the Annie Lööf sommartal.

Problems in the Swedish health care and the increased mental illness among young people was in focus when Annie Lööf, the Centre party leader, held its sommartal on Thursday.

She said that many today are asking if it is possible to trust Swedish health care, and pointed to the fact that people around the country every day waiting to get care, and that the queues are growing, both in health centers and in emergency rooms.

”This is not justice, this is not security, this is the cracks in the welfare system that cleaves Sweden,” she said at the same time she stressed that health workers wears.

Annie Lööf raised that Sweden is falling behind in international comparisons of health care and that this shows that we must do more.

”Välfärdslandet Sweden will be able to offer a good care wherever you live in the country…we need to stop vårdklyftan. It is not enough to sit next to and watch as the queues grow,” she said and added that her party would like it to take up to three days before you get to see a doctor. Another proposal is that doctors should be allowed to start their own practice.

She criticized the government for their proposals on vinsttak in welfare, something that would reduce the freedom of choice.

”Health care is about security, to get help when you are sick,” she said.

She also highlighted the increase in mental illness among young people and said that this issue requires more attention. The party you want to bet more money, 300 million, to increase access to child psychiatry child and youth psychiatry, to shorten queues and increase accessibility throughout the country.

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