Has The Underground in the Hollow, the hard life after the former employees of GM&S

The awards, this was ” not his thing “. “Charms “, thought Jean-Yves Delage, 50 years. And then, it started to “feel something” for the 279 employees of GM&S Industry, La Souterraine (Creuse). Then, he finished by asking, his medal work. Ten days ago, under a blazing sun, his team leader, Bernard has him pinned small silver plate, adorned with a tricolour ribbon. Or rather, his ex-team leader. Because, September 11, 2017, Mr. Delage has received, as 156 of his colleagues, in his letter of dismissal.

More than seven months after the recovery of the automotive subcontractor by the emboutisseur GMD, they were a thirty GM&S to be celebrated that morning. There was even a “grand gold” : Nadine Aucharles, 58-year-old, who was sacked after “forty years, eleven months and eighteen days” in the company. “Obviously, there is bitterness. It celebrates a career that we fly, ” says Jean-Yves Delage, who has spent seventeen years as conductor of the line to the presses. “But it’s always good to be us” says the one who has done 200 miles to join his former colleagues.

This great brown to the dark glasses has put his house up for sale in the summer. It is a family from the paris region who bought it, after a ” trading fast “. “It was not a dream. “In September, his wife received a mutation in the Charente. “We said that this could be the opportunity for a new start, because the families were raising their glasses. “And get more” professional opportunities, too, ” acknowledges the former worker, who guard across the throat of the replica of Emmanuel Macron to the intention of the GM&S.

Travelers in Correze, the president had said “those who do not care about the mess “they” could do better ” going to work at the plant Constellium to Ussel, 140 kilometres of Underground….

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