“Harley-Davidson demonstrates the deleterious effects of the trade war initiated by Trump “

Losses & Profits. Y aura-t-il, under the era Trump, one before and one after Harley-Davidson ? The week ends mark may be a turning point in the management of affairs by the american president and his turbulent team. In his stronghold, Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, the company has symbolized the fight of the candidate, and then tenant of the White House in support of the reindustrialization of the United States and, in particular, of such States of the ” rust belt “, which, from Pennsylvania to the Great Lakes, concentrated in the iron and steel mills and mechanical, which made the power of America. The proud Harley workers voted overwhelmingly Trump, such as those of U.S. Steel or Ford, in Michigan. It was the first Harley, the one that was carried by surprise in a real estate developer, television star.

The second effect Harley will be the negative. In response to the announcements of tax on the steel and the aluminium imported by the United States, the Europeans have unsheathed increases parallel aim of symbols of America’s deep : the jeans, the bourbon and american made motorcycles, in other words, the famous Harley. This Monday, June 25, the manufacturer has warned that, from now on, the motorcycles sold in Europe would be manufactured in its factories to asian, and more in Wisconsin. A demonstration of very concrete from the deleterious effects of the trade war initiated by the new american power against the rest of the planet.


The wrath of Donald Trump, who blasted in a Tweet vengeful cowardice of the company, will not change the situation. The floodgates are open. Three days later, it was the turn of the enterprises of the metallurgy, automobile manufacturers in mind, complaining about the taxes on the steel, which result in an increase spectacular of their base material. And get out a recent study by the Peterson Institute, a research center, finding that a tax of 25 %…

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