Gulliver and the algorithms

Book. In The rebel Man, Albert Camus distinguishes between two types of efficiency, the typhoon that sweeps everything away in its path and that of the sap that makes it grow. Like the typhoon, the power vertical and hierarchical ” prevails in its path a good share of the autonomy of the actors, their creativity, their ability to contribute intelligently to the collective work “, say Hervé Sérieyx and Michel Vakaloulis.

In their book, The vertical power the powers are shared, the national vice-president of France Bénévolat and the economist, and doctor of philosophy are the observation of inevitable change : the effectiveness of the sap which makes it grow ” might not be tomorrow’s choice of organizational possible, but a clear obligation “.

The finding of more and more shared to the inefficiency of the organizations is too vertical, the décrédibilisation of the elites yesterday, the difference between the” reduced attention that we give to the impulses from above and the increasing volume of information that we share across our social networks, all this expires at a speed of meteoric our collective rules of the game “.

Indicative of this inevitable change, the gap between the negative image and hackneyed phrase of a HRD manipulative, running the evil works of the bosses without a soul, and the effort is very prospective, which will require the professionals of this critical function in an environment that is ” fluid, elusive, and swept up in a great maelstrom of mutations interactive “.

Multiplication of typhoons

Talk about a rise in power of the powers shared so that powers vertical colossal – GAFAM, multinationals, and institutions of supra-state – are in the process of colonizing the planet may seem paradoxical. The individual, if willing to be personally and collectively actor of his destiny, ” is in fact tied up…

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