Gruppo Campari, the king of the spritz, placed on the cognac

It seems far away the time where the travellers, who were returning from Venice spoke of the taste of a spritz, discreet cocktail of la Serenissima. Today, under his version of the orange glass ball, it had spread to the four corners of the planet. Behind this conquest of bars and consumers is the marketing machine well-oiled machine of the Italian company Gruppo Campari.

After you have acquired Aperol in 2003, it has transformed this alcohol of Padua, the will any regional into a global success, associating it with the spritz. A coup de force commercial welcomes Bob Kunze-Concewitz, the patron of Gruppo Campari. “Aperol will represent this year 18 % of our revenue and a larger share still of our operating income and expense “, he says. In 2017, the Italian company has posted a turnover of 1.8 billion euros, which ranks as the sixth largest in the world groups of spirits.

The ingredients of success ? A drink easy to drink and simple to prepare. A boon for bars and restaurants, which are in the spritz cocktail Aperol spritz is a source of margin penny. Especially, the group of spirits, Italian has adopted the strategy of the oil stain. He begins to awaken interest in events and activities in a few strategic places. Then it extends the marketing in bars, before you install Aperol on the shelves of the supermarket. Finally, it convinces the customer not to associate this cocktail with the heat of summer and eat the same meals. An approach that began in Italy, in Germany and Austria, and then duplicated in the other european countries and beyond.

The focus is on the cocktails

The cheque of € 120 million was signed in 2003 to take over Aperol and other small brands is so profitable for a long time. Mr Kunze-Concewitz, who holds the reins of Gruppo Campari since 2007, has been engaged in, to him, a new bet – the most important…

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