Great Britain: No candidate of the “Brexit Party” in the face of the outgoing conservatives

HARTLEPOOL, England (Reuters) – british Prime minister, Boris Johnson has increased his chances of winning the legislative elections of 12 December with the announcement Monday by Nigel Farage, the leader of the Party of the Brexit, of his decision not to present any candidate in the 317 ridings won by the conservatives in 2017.

Nigel Farage, who had earlier announced that he would briguerait personally no seat in the elections early next month, has justified the decision of the “Brexit Party” by the fact that the output of the United Kingdom of the european Union was threatened.

His party, however, will be present in the rest of the 650 districts of the country, including those that the conservative Party’s Boris Johnson hopes to delight in the labour.

Last week, Nigel Farage had promised to present 600 candidates if the Prime minister did not stop Brexit negotiated with Brussels.

“The Party of the Brexit should not woo the 317 seats that the conservatives have carried in recent elections”, he said on Monday.

“But what we’re going to do is concentrate all our efforts on all of the seats held by the labour Party, who have completely violated their promises of 2017”, he added. “We are also going to face the rest of the parts of the ‘remain’.”

This strategy is therefore equivalent to a non-aggression pact with the conservatives and to support by default to Boris Johnson, which avoids competition on the right in close to riding on two.

It is, however, far from assured the Prime minister that he will have a majority in the next Parliament and could turn Nigel Farage into a “king-maker” in the event of the success of his party and to Parliament without a majority.

Boris Johnson has welcomed Monday the decision of the “Brexit Party”; fitting, labour, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Labour, said that the announcement was coming back to fulfill the wish of the american president, and Donald Trump, who had recently expressed a desire for alliance Farage-Johnson.

On the foreign exchange market, the british pound gained up to 1% against the u.s. dollar after the announcement of Nigel Farage and evolved to the highest level in six months against the euro.

(Scott Heppell; Marc Angrand for French service, edited by Sophie Louet)

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