Graduates of the suburban in front of the “wall” of employment

With its double license and his master, his “good” internship and its niaque, one might think that Sofiane Hadji has all the assets to cross ” the Berlin wall “, as he calls it, that separates it from business and employment. But it is just the opposite. The young man of 22 years figure among the profiles are the most discriminated of France : the graduates of higher education from the immigration and the popular districts.

The statistics are implacable : the report of the national Observatory of urban policy published in 2016 has revealed that the rate of unemployment of graduates from the districts, having a bac + 2 and more, is almost three times higher than the national average. “Being a graduate of bac + 5 more than 30 years, has 22 % less likely to be employed as framework when it is the result of the priority neighbourhoods,” the report stressed, noting the ” effect area “. For the national Institute of demographic studies (INED), the gap increases.

“Just walking by “network

“The more hard it is to get an interview,” says Sofiane Hadji, who lives in Saint-Denis. While walking through network, and it does not. “A difficult obstacle to overcome. His “thing” to him, it is the lobbying and crisis communication. The son of an agent of cleanliness and a supermarket cashier, he is a master of public Action at the university of Paris-Dauphine, after having obtained two bachelor’s degrees at Paris-VIII in political science and history. When it was necessary to find its first stage, its degrees are worthless.

It was sent to you or deposited into your own hands hundreds of resumes, all remained a dead letter. Then it is taxed. On the markets. “Where are urging all political,” he smiles. A pellet charge. After a first internship in a town hall, he was chained to the departmental council, and then in a radio, today within the giant of the communications Publicis…


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