Gradual return of the traffic to Montparnasse : four trains on five Thursday

The “progressive return to normal” at the Montparnasse station, in Paris, is confirmed. The SNCF has indicated, Wednesday, August 1, it had four trains on five at the time of departure and arrival from the train station on Thursday, after the restoration of the high-voltage power supply.

The public company ” still needs to adapt its transportation plan and cancel some of its trains for reasons of availability of equipment “, because the center of the TGV de Châtillon (Hauts-de-Seine) was also a victim of the power outage from Friday noon to Monday evening.

“All the teams SNCF remain mobilized, in particular those of the Technicentre Atlantique de Châtillon, in order to be able to offer as soon as Friday a service level normal. ”

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Gare Montparnasse : why the power outage lasts for also long ?

The fire at an electrical substation powering Montparnasse, on Friday, had forced the SNCF to use a sub-station providing normally Versailles, which helped to operate the station at a minimum, with 40 % of the electric power usual while electricity transport Network (RTE) was working to restore power.

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