Govern the company otherwise

Book. The governance of the company : this is a topic extensively addressed by the scientific literature. Theorists and practitioners, however, have not been able to anticipate the flowering of new legal forms in Europe and North America, questioning the fundamentals of the common models of this governance. How to understand the emergence of these models ? What is their scope ? Recover-they cause the landscapes legal as they are drawn ? As many of the issues raised in The Companies mission, a trial of Kevin Levillain.

In the United States, no less than four new legal forms of company have been adopted between 2007 and 2013. Europe has also seen a bloom since 1995, a half-dozen proposals, the company with a social purpose belgian community Internet companies of the United Kingdom. “Such a change in the law of corporations is, however, an event normally rare in most of the laws,” recalls the teacher-researcher at Mines ParisTech-PSL Research University.

A few years after the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis, the emergence of these new forms is not an isolated event, but the appearance of a ” phenomenology abounding “. In France, the Movement of social entrepreneurs (Mouves) multiplies the initiatives advocating the widespread use of a form called ” social “.

Collective creation of values

Many practitioners advocate new concepts for the organization of the collective creation of value. Other actors disseminate innovative forms to support the social finance or micro-credit. The governments themselves to take up the issue. Witness, in France, the debates around the law of 31 July 2014 regarding social and solidarity economy.

The arrival of these new legal forms is therefore not confined to a simple questioning of the only knowledge of legal,…

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