Google invests in Lyft, a rival of Uber

Lyft continues to take advantage of the bad Uber. Thursday, October 19, the platform american cars with drivers has released an important fundraiser, in the amount of 1 billion dollars (845 million euros). On this occasion, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, becomes one of its main shareholders. An additional symbol of the privileged relationship between the two companies for several months.

The round table promotes Lyft to the tune of $ 11 billion (9,31 billion), $ 4 billion more than in the spring. The california-based company, however, remains very far from its competitor Uber, whose valuation, a record for a non-listed company, flirting with the $ 70 billion. The greater part of the fund that has just raised Lyft has been made by CapitalG, one of the investment funds of the Alphabet, which gets one seat on the board of directors of the company. But their exact amount has not been specified.

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