Google could go back into China with a search engine tailored to the censorship

After eight years of interruption, Google could return to China. According to the site investigation, The Intercept, the large group of california is currently testing a version of its search engine tailored to the requirements of censorship of Beijing, thus making possible its reintroduction in China. In the Face of censorship and cyber attacks, Google had removed its search engine from China in 2010, and many of its services remain for locked in the world’s second largest economy.

Under the name Dragonfly (” dragonfly “), the company works as well in a version specially modified filtering the websites and key words banned by the chinese government, according to an employee, which confirms, under cover of anonymity of the information published by the press of united states. Taj Meadows, a spokesman for Google in Asia, has refused to refute or confirm the existence of the project.

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According to The Intercept, this search engine is intended for the Android operating system for smartphones. Terms relating to the rights of man, democracy, religion, and the events will incorporate a black list, while the application would identify and filtrerait the Internet sites banned by the chinese authorities, the precise site.

“It would be a black day for the freedom of the Web “

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