Good use of the mobile telephone in a professional environment

Jason Brown was furious. The ceo of Brown Parker and DeMarinis Advertising (BPDA), an advertising agency in Florida, had invited forty-five people to talk about strategy. The idea was to examine the way forward for the coming year. “It was an important meeting,” he remembers. And I had in front of me forty employees, the eyes are riveted on their mobile phones. “His blood has a tower. “The next time I see someone look at his phone, this will be his last meeting,” he threatened, convinced that smartphones are distractions and dangerous.

The average American checks his screen 80 times in the day, which is equivalent to a glance every twelve minutes

The laptop has invaded the soil of Uncle Sam. A study by the group Flurry shows that the average American spends five hours per day on their phone. He checks the screen eighty times in the day, which is equivalent to a glance every twelve minutes.

At the office, of course, the trick is taken. “The phone is like another limb attached to the skeleton, see Mark Gilmore, the founder of Wired Integrations, an expert in computer security. Employees no longer behave as adults. “And the quality of meetings suffers as a result.

The consultant Christopher Lee, of Purpose Redeemed, is a career counselor. “You just be two or more in a larger meeting, you are supposed to build a relationship of trust,” he said. If you look at your phone, you are no longer listening to the other. “Worst :” You make him understand that this meeting is not important to you. You do not respect. “

Loss of productivity is extremely important

Some employees, especially the millennials, believe that they are capable to perform several tasks at the same time. Listen to the speaker, respond urgently to an email from a client… or looking…

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