Good practices Coreye : how to fight against a ransomware?

Following the emergence of a new ransomware (WannaCry) on the 12th of may last, relating to Microsoft based systems of several companies, the Security Operating Center from Coreye gives several recommendations to avoid or limit the effects of a cyber attack of Ransomware type.

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In order to limit the proliferation of any virus or cyber-attack, it is important to remember the good security practices apply to any company regardless of its size. First of all, it is advisable to apply as soon as security updates to fix the vulnerabilities exploited, and more precisely the patch MS17-010. In addition, it is recommended, if it is not possible not to update the system, disconnect the machine or turn it off, then proceed with the updated unit after discount in the tension of these last.

In addition, the Security Operating Center from Coreye strongly advise to minimize the use of file-sharing services and, more generally, to validate the services actually required in the context of the use of your computer tools.

Finally, if a malicious software is detected in the system, here are the steps to follow :

1. Disconnect the faster the equipment compromise to stop the deployment of the encryption of the shared documents,

2. Alert the faster your computer service,

3. Make a backup of important files on external media.

“We have put in place an operational team of security in order to prevent any incident as a result of this cyber attack. No one is immune to a cyber attack regardless of the size of the company. On the other hand, it is necessary to have good practices to avoid any loss of data or disclosure of confidential information, ” says Camille Cacheux, Director-General of Coreye.

Did you know ?
The list of operating systems impacted *:
· Windows Vista ;
· Windows Server 2008 ;
· Windows 7 ;
· Windows Server 2008 R2 ;
· Windows 8.1 ;
· Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 ;
· Windows RT 8.1 ;
· Windows 10 ;
· Windows Server 2016.

A fix has also been put in place by Microsoft on the outdated systems the following** :
· Windows XP SP2 for x64 processors ;
· Windows Server 2003 ;
· Windows XP SP3 for XPe ;
· Windows XP SP3 ;
· Windows Vista ;
· Windows Server 2008 ;
· WES09 and POSReady 2009.


Created in 2002, COREYE is a great French specialist in the hosting and outsourcing of critical applications in high availability, with a specific positioning in high value-added, Cloud-based Business Secure. Guarantee of safety and quality, COREYE is certified to ISO 27001 :2013 for its Management System Information Security (ISMS). In addition, COREYE is authorized HADS (web Host Certified Health Data) for hosting health data of a personal nature, and thus proves its ability to protect and secure highly sensitive data and confidential. This certification, issued by ASIP Santé, has been supplemented and strengthened in January 2015, allowing a direct access of patients to the hosted application. COREYE (Pictime Group, 22M€ CA, 250 people) realized in 2016 a turnover of 9.5 million Euros, with 80 employees, and more than 300 clients in all sectors, including more than 100 in outsourcing.

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