GoFundMe, the platform of solidarity-based financing is the most used in the world, arrives in France

The fundraising site number 1 in the world with over 40 million donors launching in France

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GoFundMe in a few figures

The platform of crowdfunding GoFundMe was founded in the United States in 2010 by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester, two young entrepreneurs and ex-colleagues of San Diego between the ages of 26 and 27 years old. GoFundMe allows each, individual,organization, or association, to create a fundraising campaign with the goal of helping a person, overcome a difficult time or important in her life, or to accomplish a dream.

GoFundMe is now the platform for the collection of funds for solidarity is the most used in the world with over 4 billion dollars of donations were collected and 100 000 new campaigns each month.

2017 marks the internationalization of GoFundMe with its arrival in Europe on the markets of france and spain. Since February, the inhabitants of the two countries have access to the site translated in their language, as well as to all of the tools and benefits offered by the platform :

●A site open to all : GoFundMe has been created with the purpose of allow . In just five minutes, each person or organization may appeal to the gift and begin to raise funds.

●One of the places most secure to give on the Internet : in the objective to create an ecosystem that is safe for the collection of funds, GoFundMe dispotie GoFundMe, unique in its kind, ensures, for example, the donors get their money back in the event the campaign in which they have participated, would turn out to be fraudulent.

●A very easy tool to use and optimized for sharing : GoFundMe has several teams of engineers and analysts dedicated to the development of tools for fundraising. Their work has helped make the collection of funds for any type of cause, once reserved to a few organizations or associations, accessible to all.

The platform is also integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to maximize the possibilities of success of the campaigns.

The impact of GoFundMe

Here are a few examples of recent campaigns are initiated on GoFundMe by the French :

●Love Army for Somalia : the influencer frenchman Jérôme Jarre has managed to mobilize more than 90,000 donors and has collected more than 2 500 000 dollars in a humanitarian aim : to send food and water in Somalia. In total, 180 tonnes of food and 1.8 million litres of water have been distributed to the population. The campaign is now always active to continue to provide assistance to Somalia.

●Support for Celestial : the small Celestial, 5 years, has just been diagnosed with a leukemia type T. The family now focused his daily life to Heavenly. His mother Julia had to leave her job, and her big brother Raphael does not see his sister or his mom. The collection GoFundMe has the purpose of supporting them during these difficult times without adding financial stress to their problems.

●ABA therapy for Ava: four and a half years, Aba has a double handicap : the trisomy 21 and autism. His mom then discovered ABA therapy so that it can evolve to the better. 20 000 euros are required to ensure this therapy and start to improve the daily lives of Ava.

●” Niños de Guatemala “team scout Konpayon, consisting of five 18-year-olds, has launched a collection GoFundMe to participate during a month in the life and in the renovation of a primary school in Guatemala with the association” Niños de Guatemala. They have already raised over 2 300 euros for this humanitarian project and fulfilling desires of their hearts.

●Save Jules : the horse of Mary, Jules, five-year-old has had to operate in emergency to get over the hookups néphrosplénique that could have cost him his life. The operation has cost 7 000 euros, a sum that Mary hopes to collect on GoFundMe to pay off these expenses that she had no other choice than to accept.

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