Gilbert Dupont carries out the reclassification of a block of shares Group / FPIM of about 12 to ME

6th transaction of the year 2017 for Gilbert Dupont –

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Gilbert Dupont acted as lead manager and bookrunner for the realization of a reclassification of securities Group / FPIM of about 12 M€ for the account of the shareholders in the company. The Investment has been realized by the formation accelerated to a book of orders.
This operation is part of the framework in the context of the ambition of the company to expand its floating, now worn by this operation to 17.6% of its share capital.

The main characteristics of the transaction
Placement of 4.267.975 shares at a price of 2.8 € / share (discount of 6.3% compared to the closing price prior to launch of operation) ;
Operation carried out by accelerated building of an order book (” ABB “).
Pascal Mathieu, Director-General of Gilbert Dupont, says : “We look forward to the completion of this operation that meets the objectives of the company and its shareholders to restore a free float stock for the title Group, SFPI / fpim. It followed two similar operations that we conducted in October 2016 and February 2017”

About Group / FPIM
GROUP SFPI / fpim (listed on Euronext market capitalization of approximately 265 M€) is an industrial group consisting of companies with a strong identity, each of which design, manufacture and market equipment for the building and construction industry.
In the building market, the group focuses on the full range of equipment dedicated to comfort, safety and energy efficiency of all openings : windows and doors, shutters, closures, industrial, locks, sophisticated access security systems and monitoring alarms.
In the industry, it brings together industrial companies specialized in thermal process and air-conditioning, heat exchangers, sterilizers, air-conditioners, pneumatic and dust collectors.
Group / FPIM has completed in 2016 sales of 513,4 M€ and a current operating income of€ 33 Million.

About Gilbert Dupont
The brokerage company Gilbert Dupont, a 100% subsidiary of the Crédit du Nord Group, is an investment firm specializing in the intermediation market with a core expertise in the segment of average values of france. Gilbert Dupont is focusing means among the more important of paris in his specialty, while remaining a human size structure combining proximity and reactivity. Its offer of services is intended to :
to the Broadcasters. The society of exchange, accompanying the companies listed, or wishing to become throughout their life stock. Gilbert Dupont is including number 1 in the animation market on Euronext and Alternext Paris and one of the key stakeholders of place on the Small & Midcaps ;
Institutional Investors, French and international. Gilbert Dupont provides benefits consulting and brokerage stocks and bonds, exude a strong culture of financial analysis ;
to the financial institutions and brokers online, through the benefits of order routing.
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