General meeting of may 16, 2017 : Hervé Brailly joined the board of directors

Hervé Brailly, co-founder and ceo of Innate Pharma SA [IPH], one of the world’s experts on the immuno-oncology and one of the first market capitalization of the French biotech, has been appointed director of DEINOVE.

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This appointment completes the new governance and supports the ambitions of DEINOVE in medical innovation.

Montpellier, on may 16, 2017 (19: 30 CEST) – DEINOVE (Alternext Paris : ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops, and produces compounds with high added value from bacteria rare, especially of the genus Déinocoque, announces the results of its annual general Meeting, ordinary and extraordinary.

The shareholders of DEINOVE, who have gathered this day in the general Assembly have voted the following resolutions :

Approval of the annual accounts, expenses and charges (Art. 39-4 of the CGI), of regulated agreements and allocation of income for the year ended December 31, 2016 (resolutions 1 to 4) ;
Authorization granted to the Board of directors for the purchase by the Company of its own shares (resolution 10) and, in accordance with one of the objectives referred to in resolution 10, authorization for the Board of directors to reduce the share capital of the Company by way of cancellation of shares (resolution 18) ;
Renewal of the delegations of authority conferred upon the Board of directors, for the purpose of deciding on the issuance of shares and/or securities giving immediate or future access to the capital or giving right to a debt security (resolutions 11 to 15 and 17) ;
Ratification of the modification of time and manner of exercise of BCE and BSA decided by the Board of directors as of January 31, 2017 (resolution 19).
Strengthening the Board of directors

The shareholders also ratified the cooptations as directors of mr. Charles WOLER, Bernard FANGET, Vincent JARLIER, and Yannick PLETAN (resolutions 5 to 8) [1], and approved the appointment of Mr. Hervé BRAILLY, as a new director for a term of 3 years (resolution 9).

Hervé BRAILLY, PhD, has co-founded and directed for 17 years the company Innate Pharma, a specialist global immuno-oncology, and one of the success stories and first market capitalization of the French biotech, and is today Chairman of the supervisory Board. He joined the Board of directors of DEINOVE, in which it will provide its experience in the sector bio-pharmaceutical, particularly in R&D and business development.

“I am happy to put my knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and my experiences as an entrepreneur in the service of DEINOVE. The Company has a unique technology platform to discover and develop molecules with high added value, and in particular antibiotics new, a public health issue important given the emergence of pathogenic, multi-resistant, ” said Hervé BRAILLY.

Charles WOLER, Chairman of the Board of directors, adds : “DEINOVE reinforces the powers of the Council in the pharmaceutical industry, a sector that is now strategic to our Company. Hervé Brailly has been the conductor of a true entrepreneurial success in the field of biotech, thanks to his skills, his determination and his long-term vision. We look forward to engaging in this collaboration that will, no doubt, fruitful to DEINOVE and its shareholders. ”


DEINOVE (Alternext Paris : ALDEI) is a biotechnology company that discovers, develops, and produces compounds of industrial interest from microorganisms, only a few for the areas of health, nutrition and cosmetics.
To do this, DEINOVE relies on two key strengths :
A company’s microbial collection, unique in the world of 6 000 bacteria rare, and as yet unexploited, mainly of the genus Deinococcus ;
A platform for engineering genetic, metabolic, and fermentative owner that allows him to transform to how these micro-factories natural new industry standards.
Based in Montpellier, france, DEINOVE currently employs approximately 50 employees and has filed more than 160 patents to the international. The Company is listed on Alternext since April 2010.

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