GAUSSIN redeems a debt of € 11.3 million to € 2.3 million

A positive impact of 9 million euros on the profit and loss account and the equity of the company

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GAUSSIN SA (ALGAU – FR0010342329) announces an agreement for the redemption of a debt of 11.300.000 euro after a financing put in place in April 2014. The purpose of this operation is to improve the structure of the group balance sheet by drastically reducing its debt on the one hand, and other parts by increasing its equity by advancing significantly its results.

April 30, 2014, the company GAUSSIN had taken out a loan repayable in fine, from 2018 in the amount of 13.000.000 euros over a maximum period of 7 years (see press release of 30 April 2014). This financing bears interest payable annually at the rate of 8 %, or 1 million euros per year until 2020 and at a rate of 9 % thereafter, 1.2 million euros per year.

The company GAUSSIN has entered into an agreement with the creditors holding 87 % of the amount of debt, in the amount of 11.300.000 euro, in respect of the redemption of their debt securities for an amount to balance of any account of 2.340.000 euros. The regulation of 2.34 million euros was made for half of the acquisition, the other half being scheduled for 15 July 2017.

An economy in net cash flow of 13.6 million euro

In total, the transaction represents a saving in net cash flow of 13.6 million euros if we consider that the company would have had to pay out on the remainder of the term of the loan (principal and interest) between 2017 and 2021.

An economy of financial interests for a total amount of 4.6 million euros

GAUSSIN is the economy of the burden of the financial interests in his statement of income for the years ended 2017 to 2021, a cumulative amount of € 4.6 million. This amount is included in the cash savings of € 13.6 million cited above.

A product of 9 million euros in the profit and loss account and on equity capital

From an accounting point of view, finally, the transaction will result in a positive impact of 9 million euros in the profit and loss account and on the equity of GAUSSIN.

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MEETINGS OF the HOLDERS BSAR/BSA 2016/BSA 2016 NC on June 15, 2017

TOC EUROPE in Amsterdam from 27 to 29 June 2017


GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® is specialized in the audit of the material handling process and the realization of systems on wheels for the placement and transport of heavy, large or delicate. With more than 50 000 vehicles handling across the world, GAUSSIN Manugistique enjoys a strong reputation in four booming markets : Energy, Transportation, Environment and Raw Materials. GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® is listed on Alternext since 16 June 2010.The shares GAUSSIN are listed since 20 July 2012, on the group rating E2 (public Offer), since obtaining AMF Visa n°12-360 dated 17/07/12 on the Prospectus, available free of charge on

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