GAUSSIN announces firm orders for a total of 8 ATM FULL ELEC by the distributor BLYYD

GAUSSIN SA (ALTERNEXT FR0010342329) announced firm orders for a total of 8 vehicles ATM® (Automotive Trailer Mover) FULL ELEC by its distributor BLYYD. The eight vehicles are intended to be the primary actors of the large distribution and logistics

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The deliveries should take place during the second half of 2017. The amount of the orders is not disclosed.

First commercial success for the ATM FULL ELEC

These first two contracts are the result of a testing program begun in September 2016 on several sites in France. This testing period by major players in the national and international has validated all of the technological elements to produce a serial version optimized perfectly suited to the needs of the logistics sites.

This announcement demonstrates the effectiveness of the collaboration between the sales teams of BLYYD and the technical teams of GAUSSIN.

Created by professionals of the material handling and logistics from the major groups in the sector, BLYYD has the ambition of becoming the reference player in these markets by distributing products and solutions in an innovative way. ATM FULL ELEC, which received the Innovation Prize of the International exhibition of Transport and Logistics (SITL) on the occasion of its launch in 2014, perfectly meets these criteria of innovation.

The ATM, a maneuverable and eco-friendly

The ATM offers multiple advantages compared to road vehicles traditional :

· Small footprint, compact machine

· Exceptional handling

· FULL ELEC : ECO RESPONSIBLE, zero-emission of CO2

· No noise nuisance

· Safety and visibility total

· Speed of service and maneuvers secure

· Reduction of maintenance

· Not allowed

Performance of the heavy electrical ATM

Capacity : 38 tons (semi-trailer)

Speed : 0 to 20 km/h (variable)

Autonomy : 8 hours

Lithium-ion battery pack : 2.5 hours (charging time)

Wheels : Tire Full Soft (PPS) indestructible (0 maintenance)

Cockpit : Ergonomic, comfortable and secure

Options : Possibility of the evolution of the vehicle with many options (modularity)

The european market of 700 vehicles per year

BLYYD has entrusted to a consulting company in strategy a market study that estimated the potential market at 700 road tractors per year in average in Europe. The company aims in priority of large groups that display two priorities : competitiveness and eco-responsibility.

Next appointment

DUBAI AIRPORT SHOW in Dubai from 15 to 17 may 2017


MEETINGS OF the HOLDERS BSAR/BSA 2016/BSA 2016 NC on June 15, 2017

TOC EUROPE in Amsterdam from 27 to 29 June 2017


GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® is specialized in the audit of the material handling process and the realization of systems on wheels for the placement and transport of heavy, large or delicate. With more than 50 000 vehicles handling across the world, GAUSSIN Manugistique enjoys a strong reputation in four booming markets : Energy, Transportation, Environment and Raw Materials. GAUSSIN MANUGISTIQUE® is listed on Alternext since 16 June 2010. The shares GAUSSIN are listed since 20 July 2012, on the group rating E2 (public Offer), since obtaining AMF Visa n°12-360 dated 17/07/12 on the Prospectus, available free of charge on

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