Gare Montparnasse : why the power outage lasts for also long ?

How a power outage can it at this point cripple a rail station as important as Montparnasse, Paris ? The fire occurred in an electrical substation in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) Friday, July 27, has plunged tens of travelers in the uncertainty. And has caused a crisis between the two public operators, the major, the SNCF and the Network of electricity transport (RTE).

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The trains, especially the TGV, require a lot of electricity to circulate. By losing his position as the main electricity, the gare Montparnasse is amputated of one of its main sources of energy. With the little energy she has, the SNCF is not able to ensure the arrival and departure of five trains per hour instead of the twelve usually.

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