Fried Ravich saves time and improves customer service thanks to Esker

Lyon – June 13, 2017 — The Spanish company Fried Ravich, specializing in the production of snacks and treats for the hospitality and the food industry, has chosen the solution Esker to automate the management of its customer orders. A solution that has allowed Fried Ravich save time in the processing of orders and thus to optimize its customer service.

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130 000 orders per month and more than 3 800 products referenced

Fried Ravich receives about 130 000 orders per month, of which 88% comes from its network of sales and 12% directly from its customers. The management of these orders was a very time-consuming and error-prone for teams to Fried Ravich, and this for several reasons :

 Volumes of orders very important
 Formats of reception varied,
 Of complex documents : references, units of measure, addresses….

Eight of the sixteen employees of the customer service corrected manually the data before the save in the management system of SAP® company. Each order required a mean of two manual edits, where an average delay of three minutes before taking into account in the system. 2 600 commands transmitted on a monthly basis via Esker. The solution has enabled the company to integrate 44% of the flows without any manual intervention, and among the remaining controls, 75% are subject to one amendment. Thanks to its function of recognition and self-learning (machine learning), the solution stores the characteristics of the first orders placed by each customer (format, units of measure, addresses,…), which improves reliability and significantly accelerates the processing of future orders Since its creation, Fried Ravich is working on the development of a company oriented towards customers and services. This is why we remain a pioneer in the use of the latest technologies at the cutting edge of innovation. From the first weeks of implementation, the solution, Esker was already able to automate the processing of approximately half of the orders received by e-mail, which has allowed us to free up the time of two people – Cristina Campeny, Director of the commercial service and customer service of Fried Ravich.

Real-time Information and dashboards

Esker organizes commands by time stopper, so that each relationship manager client can view orders to be processed at each moment.

In addition, service officials customers can refer to the various indicators and reports in the dashboards, including the processing time or the number of orders, waiting, etc, which enables them to have a more detailed vision of the operation of the service in real-time to identify priority areas for improvement.

Users gain in efficiency, which allows them to devote more time to tasks with higher added value for the customer and the company – Cristina Campeny.

About Fried Ravich
Fried Ravich is a family business founded in 1963 by Josep Maria Viader, the current president, and led by his daughter Judith Viader since 1997. This last, become the owner of the company, is working on the commercial expansion, as well as the development of the brand and distribution channels.

The company manufactures crisps, salty snacks and sweets and dried fruits under its own brand (800 references), and distributes third-party marks for major companies such as Mars España, Nestlé or Ferrero (3 000 references), serving approximately 47,000 points of sale per week. It carries on its activities in the areas of Food, Hospitality and Development, and Bulk. This dual economic model allows him to enjoy the best of both worlds and provide value to consumers and its customers.

With a turnover of 214 million euros for 2016, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year, the company now employs more than 1,000 people. Based in Spain, it opened its first subsidiary in France in 2015 and exports to many countries including China, equatorial Guinea, Sweden, Algeria, Malta and Costa Rica.

About Esker
Esker is a leading provider of global solutions for dematerialization of documents Cloud. Because the use of paper, which penalizes too companies, Esker allows them to dematerialize their management processes in order to improve the efficiency and visibility, and to reduce the cost (purchase orders, supplier invoices, sales orders, customer invoices, customer complaints, recovery).

With a turnover of 66 million euros in 2016, of which 77% from its Cloud solutions, the Esker is positioned as the 17 th French software editor (classement Truffle 100 France 2017) and the 3rd in the Rhône-Alpes region (Top 250 EY software publishers, Rhône-Alpes 2015). Present in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, Esker achieves 61% of its sales to the international, of which 42% in the United States.

Esker is listed on Alternext in Paris (ISIN Code FR0000035818) and has the label of an innovative company awarded by bpifrance (N° 3684151/1).

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