French presidential election: first round approximate percentage of the participation

The election are entitled to 28,23 percent turned in on Sunday until noon the vote in the French presidential election second round of, while two weeks ago in the first round of 28,5 percent voted this morning – she told the French interior ministry.

The participation in the survey, by anticipating those higher, but not less than five years ago, ratio: 30,6 percent by noon with the participation. About 47,5 million voters may decide that the independent start-up Emmanuel Macron, or the National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen, fill in the head of state position over the next five years. The last survey, the year founded and the traditional right – and left-wing parties above the En Marche! (Momentum!) name your own political movement leading Macron, must be victory marks, 61,5-62 percent approval rating with the National Front against the candidate whose votes 38-38,5 percent of the signal ahead in the polls.

The participation rate, however, still affect the results. The may 8 national holiday long weekend, the traditional left – and right-wing parties to candidates for the loss in the first round, and the must have looks results stay away can make the choice a part of the stable electoral base of the National Front candidate with a positive.

The preliminary surveys show that the participation willingness of france in relation to the relatively low, the eligible three-quarters of the polls to march during the day, which is lower than in the first round, when the select close to eighty percent of the vote.

Both presidential candidates cast at 11 o’clock the vote of, Macron, Le Touquet town, the north of france, family beach, near Marine Le Pen and the party is one of the main base of hén in-Beaumont-in to the belgian border near.

The outgoing socialist head of state Francois Hollande also polls marched this morning in a constituency, where at first he’s running 36 years ago. His farewell is also symbolic, because for the first time in one of the traditional left – or right-wing party’s candidate nor the second round, and any candidate is elected today, the French head of state, the political elite, a significant part of will to reform.

Macron liberalisation economic reforms promised to reduce unemployment and the european integration depth of love, Le Pen’s protectionist economic policy and the national currency back to the leadership would ease the globalisation effects to be clenching the immigration and the national referendum on the European union from the exit.

Emmanuel Macron campaign on Friday night stated that “significant and coordinated computer attack” victim, as a result, tens of thousands of letters, photographs and other internal documents disclosed on social media. Evaluate according to the attack, “the democracy to destabilize, as in the United States happened in the last presidential election”.

After the campaign, check the national commission asked the French press, to release internal correspondence about the content, because the offence may, on the one hand, because of false content, may be this leaked text between, and the current campaign silence is also damage this scandal is assumed to not affect the results.

This is the first time that the presidential elections a state of emergency at the time that the 2015. november 13-i – 130 casualties – paris islamist merénysorozat’ve been alive. The constituency are about 50 thousand police and rangers to ensure.

The urn with the smaller electoral district in the evening at 7 o’clock to lock down the big cities at 8 p.m. you can vote. The first official results at 8 hours can be expected. If Emmanuel Macron, will win the presidential election, the Louvre museum, in front of the square, Marine Le Pen and the paris, close to Vincennes of forest park in city the followers of the announcement of results.

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