French farmers continue to convert to organic

The French farmers are as numerous as ever pushing and shoving at the gate to convert to organic. In 2017, the battalion, the bio has seen its ranks swell even further by 13.6 %, to 36 664 operators. Now, 8.3% of the farms of the Hexagon have cast away synthetic fertilizers and plant protection products chemical.

These figures, published Thursday, February 22, by the Bio Agency, show that the dynamics of the production of green is very real. It is true that prices are low paying for the milk, meat, or grains, are pushing some to take the plunge.

New fact, this dynamic is no longer limited to the regions where are concentrated the largest number of followers. She also won in areas that have been slower to start, like, Hauts-de-France or Ile-de-France.

“The measures relating to the supply of catering products to local have an effect on the organic production “, analysis Florent Guhl, director general of the Agence Bio. Another positive sign noted by Mr. Guhl : “The rate of organic farmers who stop, either for cessation of activity is to start in conventional agriculture, a decrease of 4 % to 3.2 %. “

Concerns about aid

In total, the area cultivated according to environmentally friendly methods reached 1.77 million hectares, an increase of 15 %. This represents 6.5% of the utilised agricultural area in France. A result, however, below the target of 8 % set by the programme ” Ambition bio 2017 “. For more than a year, the farmers are waiting to find out if it will have a successor.

Last year, the French consumers spent $ 7.85 billion euros of organic food products

They are concerned about the decision by the government not to finance the aid in the retention of organic farmers, a choice announced in September 2017 for entry-into-force as soon as 2018. This support is available…

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