France wants to capitalize on the success of the French Tech

The getaway was invigorating and the prime minister took the opportunity : Friday, October 27, Edouard Philippe came to look more closely at this “Davos of the electronics” which contained since Wednesday, the fine flower of the electronic world to Angers, the home of his friend Christophe Béchu, “juppéiste” like him. A mayor is very proud to have been able to attract in a city of 150 000 people the World Electronics Forum (WEF), the first to be held in France in thirty years of existence.

A success due to the renewed vitality of the electronic die in the West (50 000 jobs), to the imaginative richness of its start-up and the bet of the host city to capitalize on the connected objects. “Angers illustrates the willingness of our country to become a nation that promotes agility, innovation, and boldness “, says Mr. Philippe before the representatives of 24 different countries, including Americans, Indians and Chinese willing to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in innovative industries.

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