France Quality wins the organization of the congress in 2018 to the European Organisation for the Quali…

Nearly 400 quality managers will be drawn from all geographical Europe to attend the 62nd edition of the congress of reference in Paris

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Paris, 29 June 2017 – France Quality, a spokesperson for the actors dealing with quality in France, will host the 62nd edition of the EOQ Congress, in June 2018, 20 years after the last held this event in France. The decision was taken unanimously at the General Assembly of the EOQ, in Bratislava (Slovakia) on the 13th of June last. 3 major reasons favoured such a unanimous decision.

1. The engagement and contribution of France Quality EOQ
For the past few years, the French association actively contributes to the enrichment of the state of the art quality, by producing and sharing educational materials, White papers. And more recently the first scoreboard european quality and performance, Quali’edge.

2. The new dynamics of the quality in France
In the past months, the association has initiated a new dynamic, unifying, public-private in France, offering a range of products and services expanded, forging and reaffirming partnerships with the MEDEF and the DGE, and initiating unprecedented actions such as the organization of the first French Day Quality and Operational Excellence. The EOQ has considered this determination and the new life which follows as a practical inspiring for the entire country.

3. The political context French
During the General Assembly, France Quality was found to effect economic benefit related to the repositioning of France. European actors and key congratulated, through the President of France Quality France having made the choice of Europe : “France is back “. This favourable background has no doubt influenced the decision of the Assembly.

It was in 1998 that France had hosted for the last time this congress reference : a strong sign for France Quality. Pierre Girault, its President : “We are delighted and honored by the decision of the EOQ. Beyond the fact to develop the exchange of good practices, action plans and benchmarking, to enhance the quality French international, we want to make this event a particularly unifying. The second edition of the european barometer of the quality and performance Quali’edge will be a good starting point for exchange, reflection and common decision-making… “.

About France Quality Association of The France Quality Performance (AFQP), the so-called France high Quality, brings together 1 500 actors, public and private, present in all regions of the country. Small and medium-sized businesses, major groups, governments, and communities, but also teachers, experts, students… all the members of the association contribute to the deployment, the development of Quality – is interpreted as the common trunk of the various steps of progress, and risk management.

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