France Loisirs obtains a stay

Revived in march 2015 by the business man Adrian Diaconu, the group France Loisirs and its subsidiaries of services (call centres and logistics) were entered into a process of legal redress on 21 November. Friday, 1 December, the commercial court of Paris has opened a ” procedure of judicial settlement with a view to the presentation by the executive of a continuation plan “. This decision was desired by Mr. Diaconu, is motivated by the court as a result of the “recovery measures already taken, which show the improvement of the situation validating the change of business model “and the” desire and the motivation to continue the activity “.

The formula of five pounds per annum purchased in the framework of a club, which had made the fortune of France Loisirs here are several decades, is worn. The savings plan put in place since the takeover of this company, which has suffered the brunt of the competition from Amazon and Cultura, was not enough. The refocusing of the group on its core business, the book, and the judgment of the diversifications to be ineffective in the beauty products, not more.

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