France is preparing the closure of its last coal-fired power plants

Confirming, by mid-December 2017, his decision to close the coal-fired power plants French ” before the end of the quinquennium “, Emmanuel Macron will not change in the face of climate in the country : the coal weighs only 1,4 % of the electricity mix French. It consists of four sites : Cordemais (Loire-Atlantique) and Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) for EDF, Saint-Avold (Moselle) and Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône) for the German group Uniper. “It is pure political opportunism. A Gardanne, 600 direct and indirect jobs are at stake, when the impact of these power plants is negligible in comparison to the transportation, storm Nicolas Casoni, secretary-general CGT to Uniper Gardanne, radically opposed to the closure.

Uniper will not contest the principle, not more than EDF, “which will comply of course to the directives of the State” regarding the future of these plants, assures Denis Florenty, director of thermal production at EDF, which brings “full support” to the inter-ministerial mission in progress. The latter needs to prefigure the “Fessenheim bis” for a thousand employees in the status of the IEG (gas and electric industries) and leaves a nice slate to EDF, who had to spend over 450 million euros to ensure compliance with standards. The network will also incorporate the removal of these sites, which provide 3 GW, mainly used in a point.

Luc Poyer, chairman of the management board of Uniper France, said, ” pending a dialogue with the State to manage the consequences in terms of economic activity and jobs “. But the operators have already in part anticipated. A Gardanne, Uniper has been converted, in 2016, one of the two slices in the biomass plant of 160 MW. But environmental associations, issuing fears for the resource of wood, have obtained the annulment of the order of operations by the administrative tribunal of Marseille in June 2017.

A programme of R&D on a ” green charcoal ”

Uniper, which has…

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