France Biotech : a new dynamic for make France the european leader in technological…

Paris, 14 June 2016, Gathered yesterday for their annual General Meeting, the members of France Biotech, the association of entrepreneurs in Biotechnology and the life Sciences, (, have voted for the renewal of the governing bodies of the association, in accordance with the articles of association and were re-elected Maryvonne Hiance as President of the association.

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“While much has been achieved in less than a year, there is still a long way to go but the foundations have been strengthened to carry out our dual mission which is to make France the european leader in innovation health and to help our SMES and our young shoots to become ETI global in biotech, medtechs and big data. Our goal is to unleash the potential of innovative firms in the health by unblocking of multiple brakes : the brakes tax brakes for social, financial deterrents, the brakes, the administrative & regulatory and cultural restraints, ” said Maryvonne Hiance, President of France Biotech.

The new Board of Directors of France Biotech is today composed of 20 Members :

Maryvonne Hiance, President of France Biotech, Co-Founder DARE Immunotherapeutics
Hervé Affagard, President And Chief Executive Officer (MaaT Pharma)
Hervé Balusson, President And Ceo (Group Olmix)
Sophie Churn, President And Chief Executive Officer (Cellnovo)
Christian Béchon, President and ceo (LFB)
Jeremy Blimbaum, Associate Attorney (Duhamel & Blimbaum)
David Caumartin, President And Chief Executive Officer (Théraclion)
Maurice Chelli, VP Corporate Development & Licensing (Pierre Fabre)
Christian Deleuze, President (Sanofi Genzyme)
Eric Falcand, VP, Business Development & Licensing (Servier)
Michel Finance, Director General (Theradiag)
Jean-Marc Gandon, President And Chief Executive Officer (Combination Of Molecules Whose Active)
Pierre-Olivier Goineau, President (Neuronax)
Frédéric Cren, Ceo And President (Inventiva)
Patrick Guérin, President And Chief Executive Officer (OpenHealth)
Franck Mouthon, President And Chief Executive Officer (Theranexus)
Christine Placet, Chief Executive Officer (Horama)
Christian Policard, Associate Director, (Biotech Development Advice)
Nawal Ouzren, Director-General (Sensorion)
Alexander Regniault, Associate Attorney, (Simmons & Simmons)

Among the priority projects of the new Board of Directors, an increase in the number of commissions and working groups to cover all the problems encountered by innovative firms in the health. Whether it is technology transfer, public-private, tax, health data, the signs of the savings towards innovation, or clinical trials, the stated objective of France Biotech is to develop proposals that will be useful to public authorities to foster the growth and the success in France of the innovative companies of the health.

Creation of the commission “Medtechs”
Creation of a working group “Clinical Trials”
Creation of a working group “Valuation & Transfer Public-Private”
Creation of a committee on “Health Data”
Creation of two groups working on the “signs of savings” and the “taxation of an innovative company”
Creation of the Club of Listed Companies

About France Biotech
Created in 1997, France Biotech is the French institution that brings together the main companies in the life sciences and its expert partners. France Biotech has for mission to accompany the development of this industry in France on land the legislative and fiscal environment. The origin of the status of Young Innovative Enterprise (JEI) established in the Finance Act of 2004, France Biotech advocates for the innovative sector represents an industry performance as a whole. France Biotech is chaired by Maryvonne Hiance and has more than 150 members and a board of directors from representatives of 20 innovative companies in the health sector.

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