Foundries du Poitou in turmoil

When they came to give their support to their neighbors in the Foundry, Aluminium, hunger strike on 21 September, the employees of the Foundry-Cast Ingrandes-sur-Vienne (Vienna) imagined it to be without doubt not as a backup plan of employment (PSE) would be announced ten days later. At this time, on the industrial site, installed at the gates of Châtellerault, it is the company Saint Jean Industries (ex-Foundries du Poitou Aluminium) seemed to be the most threatened. For the past several months, the group that manufactures aluminum cylinder heads for engines of Renault undergoes the effect of the full force of the crisis of diesel and must do in the face of falling orders from its client principal.

As to the Foundry in the Poitou Cast iron, which depends only 70 % of the orders of the French car manufacturer, and also provided covers to the Italian group Fiat, she seemed a little better armed to resist the crisis : in 2017, it has reached a productivity record and has produced 1.7 million housings in cast iron. Yet it is this last company which is at the heart of the turmoil, since the 1st of October and the announcement of the PSE at a company extraordinary.

Citing a decline in orders of 350 000 units for Renault and 50 000 housings for Fiat, the executive officer provides for the removal of substantially all of the night shifts. “The management has announced 103 deletions of night shifts, with 85 reclassifications possible in the internal positions of day, freed by the interim who will not be renewed, details Tony Cleppe, the trade union delegate CGT of Foundry Cast iron. We have asked the management to consider a voluntary redundancy plan to avoid compulsory redundancies. “

“Significant investment” needed

On the policy side, the member of parliament (MoDem) of the Vienna, Nicolas Turquois, has met with the unions and the management of the Foundry of Cast iron as early as this summer : “The company…

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