Forex – yen progresses so that the trade tensions persist

© Reuters. The yen progresses so that the trade tensions persist – The yen strengthened Monday as a new escalation of trade tensions between the United States and other major economies has boosted risk appetite, while the currencies linked to commodities fell in the fall.

The USD / JPY reached a two-week low of 109,48 during the night, and was trading at 109,44 at 03:51 AM GMT (07:51 AM GMT), down from 0.47% for the day.

The market sentiment was affected after the Wall Street Journal has reported that the us president, Donald Trump had decided to invest in technology companies and us to block the export of technologies in additional to Beijing.

The report fuelled concerns on the latest escalating tensions, global trade, after that Trump has threatened Friday to impose a tariff of 20% on imports of cars from the EU.

The threat of a Trump came after the EU imposed tariffs on a series of imports into the United States in response to the rates of steel and aluminum from the White House.

The euro declined against the yen, with EUR / JPY down 0.61% to 127,38.

The single currency was slightly weaker against the dollar, with the EUR / USD sliding 0.13% to 1,1638.

The euro appreciated against the dollar on Friday, boosted by data showing that growth in the second quarter should be solid and with the new insurance the new Italian government under which the country would not leave the euro zone.

The single currency has benefited from a new impetus after Greece got a debt relief and a cash injection from the euro zone.

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the dollar against a basket of six major currencies, rose slightly by 0.1% 94,29. The index ended last week lower by 0.63% after having fallen from a peak of eleven months 95,22 reached Thursday.

The british pound was slightly lower, with GBP / USD down 0.14% to-1,3244.

The currencies linked to commodities were broadly lower, as oil prices have lost some of the gains made on Friday as concerns commercial weigh always.

The price of oil rose Friday after the main oil exporters have agreed to a modest increase in production.

The australian dollar declined, with the AUD / USD down 0.19% to 0,7443. The canadian dollar has declined, with the USD / CAD rising 0.15% to 1,3288.

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