Forex – yen progresses so that the top Trump-Kim is closing

© Reuters. – The japanese yen, often considered a safe-haven currency, was in demand on Thursday in the beginning of the european day, after the summit, the american president Donald Trump over the nuclear issue with the north Korean leader Kim Jong One.

The new, associated with weaker economic figures from China, have spurred profit-taking for risky assets in Asia, which generally supports the yen because that is the currency the least expensive to finance bets in the short term.

The pair {{3|USD / JPY}} was down 0.2% to 110,75 hours at 03h45 ET (0845 GMT), falling to its lowest level on Wednesday, which was 110,34.

“Basically, they wanted the sanctions to be lifted in their entirety, and we couldn’t do it,” said Trump to the press.

“We asked president Kim to do more and he was not prepared to do so”, added the secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

A little earlier, Trump and Kim had expressed the hope that progress would be made on the improvement of the relations and on the key issue of the denuclearization during their talks in the vietnamese capital, Hanoi.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, was down 0.1% 95,93, as investors waited with impatience the publication of data on the u.s. GDP for the fourth quarter later in the day.

The pound fell on Thursday morning in Europe at 1,3290 $. It has reached a seven-month high at 13351 $ Wednesday, after the labour party opposition has formally adopted a call for a second referendum rather than accept Brexit “without agreement”. The ruling conservative party has also softened its position under pressure from legislators anxious to remain.

“The incentives and attractiveness of the british pound appear to be determined in the short term, to the extent that the delays and options little binding of the Brexit will strengthen his force, Brexit hard giving rise to large withdrawals,” said Nick Twidale, chief operating officer at Rakuten Securities Australia Sydney.

Elsewhere, the appetite for risk has been hindered by the american representative of the Trade, Robert Lighthizer, who said during a hearing before Congress that it was too early to predict the outcome of trade negotiations for an american-chinese. It was his first public comment since Trump had announced a postponement of the tariff increase on chinese imports on Sunday.

“It’s suspected that commercial titles will continue to talk about their feeling for some time yet. The issues are complex, the trade-offs are real and the opinions are shared,” said the strategists from the ANZ in a note.

– Reuters contributed to this report

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