Forex: The Dollar remains stable in anticipation of the report NFP

© Reuters. – The u.s. dollar was little changed on Friday, traders are remaining cautious before the data NFP non-farm employment u.s. expected later in the day.

The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of other currencies has increased from 0.04% to 96,376 to 10: 00. The volume of transactions has been low, the u.s. financial markets have been closed for a public holiday.

Non-agricultural employment expected to have increased by 160,000 in June, compared to 75,000 in may.

Analysts have said that data NFP-positive should not support the dollar, expectations of lower u.s. rates are high, given the low level of inflation.

“When u.s. yields are so low, you can’t expect people to crowd in and buy the dollar,” said Junichi Ishikawa, a strategist currency at IG Securities in Tokyo.

“The trend is to test the declines in the dollar. It is expected to lower rates in Europe and in the United Kingdom, so it might be easier for the dollar move against the yen.”

On the front of a commercial sino-american, the us and chinese authorities are “on the phone”, said on Wednesday the economic advisor to the american, Larry Kudlow, to the press. “They will be on the phone this week. And they will organise meetings face-to-face. A lot of communications. “

The two parties agreed to resume the negotiations and to delay the imposition of customs duties on products of the other during the weekend.

The pair AUD/USD rose 0.03% to $ 0,7027, after having reached a peak of 0,7048 USD in the last month.

The australian dollar has increased by approximately 1.4% compared to its american counterpart this week.

The pair USD/JPY has also increased from 0.2% to 108,03.

The pair USD/CNY was little changed at 6,8744.

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