Forex – dollar progresses so that the titles fall

© Reuters. – The u.s. dollar was higher Wednesday, as investors feared a global slowdown to acquire assets much more risky.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a basket of six major currencies, was up 0.6% 96,30 at 10h17 ET (15h17 GMT).

Wall Street experienced its worst year in a decade in 2018 and the first trading day of the year is bearish, traders are remaining cautious following the decline of the data on the chinese factories.

Meanwhile, the us government remains closed and, even if Congress should meet on Wednesday, nothing no indication of when the closure will end. A message from Donald Trump, president of the United States, on Tuesday, suggested that he might be willing to negotiate.

The dollar was down against the japanese yen, with USD / JPY losing 0.3% at 109.32.

Moreover, the GBP / USD fell 1% to 1,2619 after that activity in the manufacturing sector in britain has reached its highest level in 6 months in December, as companies prepare for a potential hard Brexit, said IHS Markit in its report.

The draft agreement on the Brexit signed by the first minister Theresa May should be submitted to the vote of the british Parliament before the end of the month of January, but questions remain about its adoption. Government officials are wary of the agreement concluded between the european Union and the border with northern ireland and have asked for assurance that this agreement would be temporary.

The euro was also lower, with the EUR / USD decreased by 0.8% to 1,1366. The NZD / USD fell 0.6% to 0.6673 while the AUD / USD fell 0.8% to 0,6996. The canadian dollar has increased with USD / CAD down 0.3% to 1,3595.

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