Foreign trade : France en route to a new year black

It was a very nice contract. One of the ten biggest in the history of Airbus. Signed in 2016, the purchase of 98 planes by Iran would bring billions into the coffers, and ensure hours and hours of work in Toulouse. But now, Donald Trump imposing sanctions on those who trade with Tehran beyond the 7 August, Airbus has made a cross on this huge order, which could give hope to others. Three aircraft have been delivered. The other will remain as plans on paper. For not to suffer the wrath of u.s., Renault has also stopped most of its activities in Iran, even that PSA, which assembled thousands of vehicles produced on-site or shipped to Vesoul (Haute-Saône) and Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) in spare parts.

Sale period for the foreign trade. Contrary to the hopes, the France is a party to a new year black in this area, according to the statistics published on Tuesday 7 August by customs. In the first half, imports of goods and services have exceeded exports of 33.5 billion euros. The external deficit, the real Achilles ‘ heel of the Hexagon, is just decreased by 1 % compared to the same period of time, very negative, in 2017. The performance seems pitiful in comparison with Germany, which was announced at the same time having achieved a trade surplus 121.5 billion euros in six months, as in the first half of 2017.

The month of June has been particularly bad. The deficit increased to 6.2 billion euros, one of the highest figures ever observed. A direct consequence of the rise in oil prices, the main raw material in the world, that France produces almost more. “The deficit is widening considerably for energy products, while the manufacturing industry has, on the contrary, benefited from good deliveries of aircraft, specify the type of customs.

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