“For the first time in its existence, the first business of The Post office will no longer mail but the finance “

Chronic. The first stamp-French post was Ceres, goddess of harvests and fertility. It was in 1849 and the beginning of an adventure, the one universal service of the post office, everywhere in France at the same price. One hundred and seventy years later, Ceres exchange business. At least reap-t-it is now a priority of the insurance contracts and accounts-cheques rather than letters. Not that she stops to collect and distribute the precious sweet words and the irritating bills, but, for the first time in its existence, his first business will no longer be the mail, but the finance. With the acquisition of CNP, one of the first insurers to French, his activity in banking and insurance is expected to represent more than half of its sales, and the vast majority of its profits. The only net income of CNP Assurances was twice that of the totality of The la Poste group.

It is the destiny of the major positions in the world, almost all issues of public administrations. Three centuries after the first spatters and relay post, they must be emergency of new occupations to compensate for the progressive disappearance of the letters that have fallen on the field of honor digital. Individuals communicate by e-mail or SMS, and even taxes are being freed from the passage by the mailbox. However, the gradual disappearance of the mail picks up. Of 4 to 5% annual decline in the early 2000s, the rate rose to 7 % in France in 2017. The puzzle is double. To continue to ensure its mission of public service, it is necessary to maintain a number of factors, and finding new sources of income for the fund.

The package or the finance

Three tracks have been tested in Europe : packages, services, and finance. Deliver packages is the natural extension of the business factor and the growth of electronic commerce offers a promising future. But the requirement of speed…

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