“For an economy of shared value “

Forum. The action plan for growth and business transformation (Pact), will be finally presented at the council of ministers on Monday 18 June. The bill is expected to propose the creation of a new status of business and mission, close to “benefit corporations” americans.

We have, in France, the ambition to see it bloom companies whose articles of association include a general interest objective and that institutionalize their commitments.

The vision 2.0 of the company outlined by the report of Nicole Notat and Jean-Dominique Senard, ” The Company, object of collective interest “, delivered on 9 march, will transform the current paradigm that if we, as business leaders, take conscience and act on the context and the challenges that it brings. It is more than time to launch a call to action.

It is more than time to work for a transformation of our capitalism towards a vision of more current. It is more than time that the company, in all its components, act as its evolution in a global environment and take responsibility for its impact on society.

It is only in this way that a renewed confidence around the company will operate, so that their image is degraded. According to the Trust Barometer, Edelman 2018, the companies, yet in a good position in the barometer of the previous year, decreased by seven points, their levels of confidence from 50% to 43 %.

The expectation of French has changed dramatically and leaders must take it into account in giving meaning to their companies. The trust has to be earned, it is grown. It is an effort of all days. We are, in France, in a momentum ; it is up to us to seize it. Make, thanks to our collective efforts to advance confidence in our country !

Beyond business mission, our society needs to develop and sustain a…

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