For “a fair revenue-sharing” between creators and the giants of the Net

Forum. It’s been a long time that we can no longer consider the “digital world” as a space accessory to the ” physical world “, as its grip on our societies continues to grow. Each of the feels in all aspects of his life. The installation of the global giants of the digital world, mainly american and chinese, the first places of the ranking of world market cap reflects that.

As citizens, we are committed to opportunities without equal that this revolution door and dissemination of cultural works, like other sectors, has already tremendously benefited from it.

But we are all also the observation that the fruits of this economy, unfortunately, are unfairly distributed. Some online platforms are taking advantage of their power to appropriate a disproportionate share of income related to the dissemination of works, without just compensation to their creators. While cultural property has never been so present in our lives, the risk soars to an impoverishment of the creation and fragility of its ecosystem, which is already precarious.

The draft directive on copyright in the digital world, which will be voted on 12 September to the european Parliament in Strasbourg, intends to involve the wide dissemination and financial sustainability, so doing a net change of cape. Proposing a mechanism for fair revenue sharing, which is more favourable to creators, it intends to stimulate the renewal of cultural production, which at default will only diminish and become uniform over the years. It is a decisive turning point.

Legitimate concern

Unfortunately, this measure, which is essential, is challenged. The main criticism, conveyed through campaigns of misinformation abundantly financed by these platforms, focuses on the risks assumed from its application for the freedom of expression. Many of our citizens are sensitive to…

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